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Video Date Duration
Public Safety Jun 10, 2024 01h 59m
Finance and Economic Development Jun 03, 2024 01h 26m
Health, Aging and Disabilities May 22, 2024 01h 35m
Public Works-Trans. May 20, 2024 01h 15m
Public Safety May 15, 2024 57m 50s
Finance and Economic Development May 13, 2024 01h 33m
Community Development and Urban Planning Committee May 09, 2024 42m 04s
Ed., Youth and Fam. May 08, 2024 01h 46m
Finance and Economic Development Budget Hearings May 01, 2024 02h 02m
Joint Finance & Economic Development and Community Development & Urban Planning Committee Apr 24, 2024 02h 16m

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